The Wheelchair Skills College

The Wheelchair Skills College is a social enterprise built on the belief that every person has the right to make the most out of life and knowing how to effectively use your wheelchair can enable you to do that.

“Nothing about us, without us” embodies the lived experience approach that drives me to use my lived experience of using a wheelchair along with a career in the Third Sector working across local, national and global disability charities.

When you receive a wheelchair, there is no access to training in how to use it. It’s the only piece of equipment we receive in our life that we are expected and assumed to know how to use.

Any assistive technology can only be as effective as your ability to use it. For someone to use a piece of equipment they need the appropriate skills and knowledge.

Wheelchair skills are a human right. The third article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person”. By not ensuring independence, liberty is taken away.

Founded with the vision of ensuring every wheelchair user has the opportunity to capture independence, whatever that looks like for them, The Wheelchair Skills College teaches life changing skills that are a fundamental human right.

If you use a wheelchair or know someone who does then The Wheelchair Skills College could have things that you can use to build independence.

Our regular monthly blog covers all things wheelchair related across travel, work, wheelchair maintenance and more.

You can also find our bitesize wheelchair skills videos that range in skill levels across beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. Learn the skills that make a difference for you.

Check out the website here.