Hello and welcome to my blog!

I’m Pete. Social entrepreneur. TEDx Speaker. Wheelchair skills wizard. Water-skier. Scuba diver. Adventurer. And now, Churchill Fellow.

I’ve been using a wheelchair for 17 years. I know that this has shaped my life in different ways. I’ve done things because of this and in spite of this.

One thing that it has more heavily influenced is my career. I’ve been working in the Third Sector for the last 10 years across a number of different charities; the commonality being that they all empower disabled people.

I decided to reboot my blog after it fell by the wayside and lay dormant for the best part of eight years when I was given an amazing opportunity and was awarded a Churchill Fellowship.

The Fellowship gives me the opportunity to visit Australia and New Zealand for two months to learn from people and organisations that work in the field of disability innovation.

I’ve put this site together to tell you a little more about myself, my ideas and keep you up to date with my adventure through the blog, gallery and social channels.

So come in, look around and see what I’m up to. If anything piques your interest then do drop me a message.