Itinerary confirmed and flights booked

It doesn’t seem that long ago I received an email confirming my success for my Churchill Fellowship application. It still all feels a bit surreal.

I held off reaching out to people and organisations for my research until I had heard I was successful so the last two months or so has been a whirlwind of reaching out to people and getting connected to more people that have been recommended.

The people who I have connected with so far come from a range of sectors which I’m hopeful will give me a deeper understanding into the systems and structures in place for disabled innovators.

With a meeting confirmed in each city on my proposed itinerary, I was ready to book my flights. A confirmed itinerary and booked flights make everything seem a little more real, even if the day itself is still far away.

Drum roll please…

Here it is!


6th – 13th February: Melbourne

13th – 20th February: Canberra

20th – 27th February: Sydney

27th February – 5th March: Brisbane

New Zealand

5th – 19th March: Auckland

19th – 26th March: Christchurch

26th March – 9th April: Holiday

It’s exciting to be able to draft this itinerary out on a map and put some dates to my travel plans.

My flights in and out of each country will stay the same but my movement in each country has some flexibility and may move slightly.

If you have any suggestions of people or organisations to connect with in any of those cities then do send me a message.

Also interested in adventure activities, music, comedy, history and food!